Last year, nationally renowned pastor and gospel singer Bishop Paul S. Morton announced he would step down as senior pastor of the Changing a Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church megachurch in Atlanta and the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in July on his 70th birthday. But with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the award-winning singer and founder and past president of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship subsequently postponed his retirement, stating that he would stay on until there was a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Now—a year later and with three vaccines in circulation—Morton has announced that both he and his wife and co-pastor, Debra Morton, will indeed retire in July. He has also named his successor son-in-law Tyron Robinson, senior pastor of the Los Angeles-based Pilgrim’s Hope Baptist Church and the Compton-based Zion Baptist Evangelical Temple.

Robinson and his wife, Jasmine Morton Robinson, say they were both thrilled and surprised by the decision, although there has not yet been an official statement.

“If you had told me that this is where I would be in 2021 back in 2011, I would have laughed. I’m still numb at the news,” Robinson said. “I’m still processing. It’s surreal. I signed up for Jasmine and nothing more. I had Jesus and I wanted Jasmine. This has come with the anointing and the assignment, but this is a complete surprise to me.”

The L.A. native, however, insists that he is ready to take on the helm of one of Atlanta’s largest Black congregations along with one of the biggest churches in New Orleans, adding that he had already learned a great deal from Morton.

“Intense integrity and character,” he says of Morton. “How to build sustainability. He’s 46 years in pastoring. I’m 25 years, so I’m getting an up-close and personal view of how to maneuver the next chapter of my pastorate and what really makes longevity.”

The couple will be relocating to Atlanta and New Orleans this summer. While Bishop Morton and Co-Pastor Debra Morton will stay on as overseers and continue to preach intermittently at both churches, they will make their home base in New Orleans and will be relieved of the administrative and daily operational responsibilities of the churches and the weekly long-distance commutes.

For Jasmine Robinson, it will be a homecoming.

“All of my family is in New Orleans, so it will be great to be back home, and that will be home base for my parents,” Robinson explains. “At the same time, it is bittersweet. We had to meet with our churches last night to tell them we were leaving, and that was tough.”

What won’t be tough— according to First Lady elect Jasmine Robinson—is adjusting to their new congregations in Atlanta and New Orleans.

“They know Tyron and they know me, so they’re excited,” she said. “They’ve all been following us on social media, so they are really familiar with our ministry.”

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  • Congratulations Bishop And Pastor Morton for Service in Ministry. Congratulations to Pastor and First Lady Robinson New Elevation in Ministry. Greeting from Atlanta.

  • Catherine Williams

    Congratulations and looking forward in ypu been home and the next fist lady aof a greater ministry. Much love to ypu and Mr. Robinson

  • Rev. Dr. Donaldson Jones

    To God be the Glory!
    I pray that Bishop Morton and Wife, Pastor and Lady Robinson and all the congregations affected will continue to be Blessed to be a Blessing! May many Souls be saved, Saints strengthen, the Kingdom of Christ cosmically stretched, and may the King of Kings always be spotlighted in the singularity of His supernal Sovereignty! These things I pray in the precious Name of JESUS THE CHRIST, our Lord and Savior. Amen.
    Pastor Donaldson Jones
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Pulask, TN.
    Mt. New Home Baptist Church
    Leighton, Al.

  • I am so excited and happy for Bishop and Pastor D. They are powerful nad anointed. They lead by the Spirit of the Lord. They do nothing without listening and obeying the voice of the Lord! I am so grateful that the Lord allowed them to be a part of my life! I love them both so much! I’m also excited about our new Pastor and Lady Jasmine taking on the mantle! They are fully qualified and anointed! I am always open to.postive change!

  • Congratulations Pastor & First Lady Robinison may God continue to bless you in leading God’s people.

  • Well pastor I have been with you for a while and I’m excited for you, I know you will be doing great things when you get home
    I will continue to follow you even in New Orleans, you know I love a small church so I’m going to put on my speakers on Sunday since I have my guy tuning in now. And a host of friends Pastor and first Lady you will be missed.
    P.S I’m so proud of you and I (me) feel blessed that you are and will be my Pastor .thank you for taking time out for me. Thank you
    Love you guys ♥️♥️♥️


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