Actress Tasha Smith Takes on A New Project As Movie Director

Actress Tasha Smith Takes on A New Project As Movie Director

You’ve seen her on the screen in Tyler Perry movies, and on shows such as Empire and For Better or For Worse, but actress Tasha Smith, is now getting behind the camera. 

Finding Your Pretty with Drini

Finding Your Pretty with Drini

Hi! My name is Drini and I am a professional freelance makeup artist and licensed esthetician based in Inglewood. I have been practicing makeup for 10 years and long before I became an esthetician I would always say that great makeup first starts with great skin. Imperfections can easily be concealed with the right product and a flick of the wrist, but what happens when the makeup comes off?

As a teenager, before I knew the effect a great skin care regimen would have on my skin, I would beg my mom to buy me the newest drugstore skin- care products. I thought the commercials looked so cool with girls lathering cleanser and splashing water over their faces to remove their makeup. Even though I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup at that age, I wanted to mimic the “experience” I saw on TV.

Finding Your “Pretty” Through  Style & Fashion

Finding Your “Pretty” Through Style & Fashion

Finding your personal style and fashion can be a struggle.  I’ll admit I’ve been there before - multiple times.  Personal style and fashion should reflect where you are in your life and career. Great style empowers you to approach each day with confidence and genuine feelings of attractiveness. Being pretty!  Believe it or not the right wardrobe can make a huge difference in your professional and personal life. It may be a struggle, but it’s doable.

Here are 4 tips to help you create your personal style and fashion.

Get To Know You

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."

                                                           - Epictetus (Greek philosopher)

Finding Your Pretty With Dawn

Finding Your Pretty With Dawn

As a personal trainer/nutritional consultant I find my job can be more than just helping my clients get into shape.  Changing their mind-set and building their self esteem is just as important.  Here are some keys to help your feel as good at you look.

Be confidence. Feeling pretty has more to do with how you present yourself and less to do with what you look like. Feeling pretty is about confidence, the confidence that exudes from the inside out.  Of course liking what you look like in the mirror can help feel pretty, but above all having confidence in who you are, what you have achieved, whether good or bad can help you feel pretty even on a bad hair day. Pretty starts with looking on the inside.


Finding your Pretty with Dawn

Finding your Pretty with Dawn

When a woman changes her appearance, an amazing thing happens. People begin to take notice of her, her opinion starts to matter and she becomes more confident in who she is. Here are six ways to improve how you look and feel, while powerfully transforming the way you’re perceived by others

Make­up­ enhances

When applied correctly, makeup enhances your natural beauty, calling attention to your best features and concealing flaws. Make up can also help you to project your own sense of yourself. When it is done tastefully and skillfully – along with wardrobe, hair, and nails – it reveals the attention to detail, and sense of self that are the mark of a modern successful woman.

Finding Your Pretty with Chez

Finding Your Pretty with Chez

The natural hair movement is here, either you get on board or your hair might fall out! Doctors and hair stylists have been warning sistas for years about the devastating effects relaxers and weaves have on our hair and scalps. Not only can prolonged weave wearers eventually develop traction alopecia, hair loss that is caused when too much tension is consistently put on the hair follicles by tight hairstyles such as extensions and ponytails usually developing around the hairline, but it may hinder you from noticing that you have developed CCCA.

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