More Questions Raised In Death of Chicago Teen Found in Freezer

Categories // LA Focus Tuesday, 12 September 2017

More Questions Raised In Death of Chicago Teen Found in Freezer

 A Chicago mother is desperately seeking answers in the horrific death of her 19-year old daughter found dead inside the walk-in freezer of a suburban Chicago hotel.

     Kenneka Jenkins, who had gone to the hotel for a party, was pronounced dead at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois early Sunday, nearly a day after the teen’s mom received a call from friends stating that she was missing.
     Tereasa Martin, Jenkins’ mom, had gone to the hotel to help in the search for her daughter but was told she needed to file a missing persons report before police officials could view surveillance video.
     Hotel staff, who initially contended that the teen, who was said to be drunk, stumbled into the freezer by mistake on her own volition. But that story hasn’t added up for investigators as the girl would not have had the clearance to be in the area of the freezer and would have unlikely been able to open it on her own.
     Raising even more questions is a facebook live video—which has gotten more than 3 million views —where the teen can be heard in the background stating that she wasn’t drunk while others who were present say she was acting weird. The video has fueled speculation of foul play by some viewers who have gone so far as to threaten those in the room with violence.
     A hotel video showed the teen staggering near the hotel’s front desk, but the story has gotten bigger and is trending. 
     “[I’m] horrified,” Martinhas said. “It’s something that no one could ever imagine. It’s unbelievable.”
     It remains unclear how Jenkins was found and who discovered her body. An autopsy was inconclusive, and the medical examiner's office was —at press—awaiting toxicology tests.

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