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California is Hungry for New Contractors

  Mark Hedin For 25 years, California’s Contractor Development and Bonding Program has been working to expand and diversify the state’s contracting industry. It’s a win-win. Taxpayers save money on public projects when a larger pool of qualified bidders compete for government contracts, which go to whichever one offers theContinue Reading

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Voters of Color and Women Saved the Democrats from Disaster

    Peter White|Ethnic Media Services Despite new laws to keep people from voting and gerrymandering election districts to take away the power of minority communities, the Republican “red wave” that pollsters predicted ahead of last week’s midterms didn’t happen. Ethnic Media Services debriefed six experts on their reactions to the electionContinue Reading

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Covered California Enrollment Launched – Healthcare Help Available for All Californians

Maxim Elramsisy | California Black Media California’s health insurance marketplace, known as the Covered California Health Exchange, launched its 10th open enrollment period on Nov.1. Covered California is the government agency that offers subsidized Obamacare plans for Californians. Those who qualify receive financial assistance on a sliding scale for theirContinue Reading

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Midterms Offer Glimpse of ‘New American Majority’

Peter Schurmann | Ethnic Media Services Advocates say transformational changes in the American electorate are not reflected in national polling, which they say distort expectations and campaign funding. On Tuesday night Ruwa Romman became Georgia’s first-ever Muslim woman elected to the state legislature and the state’s first-ever Palestinian American electedContinue Reading

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California Moves to Advance a Racial Equity Framework

Staff California Governor Gavin Newsom moved forward in his efforts to promote racial equity with the signing of an executive order directing state agencies and departments to take additional actions to embed equity analysis and considerations in their mission, policies and practices and the establishment of a new Racial EquityContinue Reading

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